Gemma Scully creates contemporary sterling silver and gold jewellery inspired by the Chaos Theory, something that has fascinated her for years. The idea that small differences in initial conditions yield widely diverging outcomes. Through a process of hand casting she is able to conduct her own research into this idea. Dropping varying amounts of molten silver and gold into different volumes of snow, ice and water she creates wildly different all one off casting that Gemma then designs around.

Gemma is interested in adding order and structure to her designs to create an almost ironic balance or juxtapose. Drawing inspiration from Edward N. Lorenzs images of chaotic flow she creates repetitive line drawings in precious metals including silver and 18ct gold, that add structure, form and wearability to the cast pieces.

Having completed her degree in jewellery and silversmithing at UCA Farnham Campus, Gemma developed a new body of work based round chaos whilst on a residences at Bishopsland Educational Trust. A year long almost apprenticeship that helps develop makers businesses and skills as a maker. The Trust prides itself on the high standard of work or “The Bishopsland Standard” which all fellows are taught to work to. Gemma currently has two workshop in her narrative Manchester, one in Studio 6 in Manchester Craft and Design Centre. From which you can purchase pieces of jewellery direct from her. The other at her home, outside of the city centre in Stalybridge.

Gemma prides herself on being Eco-friendly within her work, through casting herself by hand she ensure that there is no waste, all scrap is melted down and cast. Also instead of using cast grains, Gemma buys old scrap and re-use old silver pieces.

Along with casting Gemma also uses other techniques within her work including, Gold inlay, fusing, engraving and fabrication. Lastly Gemma simply loves to design, create and then sell her pieces.